Wayne Foskett


“I’ve lived and worked in Greenwich since 1990. I find the proximity to

the river, its ever changing light conditions, a constant source of


I generally work with a pinhole camera. I love its serendipitous nature

and its ability to capture a Spirit of Place. It can transform the banal

into the Poetic.

“There is not a particle of life that does not bear poetry within it.” Gustav Flaubert

"For me, the process of drawing is largely about tenacity. Inspiration comes in a poor second.

Confronted with the subject, whether a friend, a life model or a sculpture in the Cast Courts at the V&A, I try to muster my levels of concentration to a point where I'm not distracted by an increasingly noisy mind. 

I can then start to make a few tentative marks - "Dirtying the paper delicately" as John Ruskin puts it - and hope the Muse catches up, breathless, somewhere down the road.”


Pinhole Photography, Photographic Blue Prints and Photograms