Rachel Levitas


Rachel Levitas graduated from Camberwell School of Art with a BA in Fine Art. She went onto train in Advanced Printmaking at Central St Martins as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art at the Royal Academy of Arts, London. With this wealth of academic experience Rachel has gone on to have a variety of exhibitions and art shows, including a solo show in Blackheath. She also has experience as a Graphic Designer, Tutor and Printmaking Technician.

‘Je suis désolé’ explores the relationship between Manet and Berthe Morisot; she was his model, muse, co-artist and probably lover. She disappeared into marriage and domesticity, and was eclipsed.

In the Urban Fox series these bold and beautiful opportunists slink into streets deserted by bankrupt revelers. These images are rapidly made; wet in wet, using techniques that record fleeting night visits. The foxes represent the rise of forces previously suppressed moving into the space left by a collapsing economy; creativity emerging and adapting and perhaps too something darker, fear of the future.


Artist, Designer, Technician