Emma Burge and Andrew Wort


A Collection of works from their Foundry in Bronze, Alloy, Brass and Copper.

Andrew Wort learnt his craft restoring and recreating pre-war Rolls Royces and Bentleys, 1950’s Ferrari’s and Porsche’s. He runs a restoration company Ashley and James in Lymington in the New Forest. Emma Burge went to Goldsmiths College and works as a filmmaker and television producer.

Andrew in collaboration with Emma Burge create one of a kind decorative pieces.

From feature fireplaces to lampshades and chandeliers, bespoke trophies to objet d’art.

Working in bronze, brass, copper and aluminium, Andrew and Emma explore the idea of telling stories using ancient and modern techniques of casting and working in non-ferrous metals.

This exhibition has taken inspiration from the likes of the Arts and Crafts lighting designer WAS Benson, and the classical sculptural work in Ancient Greek tetra-drachma coinage


Creations, Illuminations & Other Non- Ferrous Stories...